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Accept Me or Not, I’m Kicking Your Ass…

So just the other day the first openly gay All-American defensive lineman, Michael Sam, will be entering the NFL draft. I say, big f’n deal. I’ll tell you right now that he is NOT THE FIRST gay¬†All-American defensive lineman¬†to enter the NFL Draft. The only thing that makes this special is that he is open […]

World’s Toughest Mudder Report 2013

November 16, 2013, The Lords of Coventry returned to the World’s Toughest Mudder. Like last year, our entry became official when I posted this “reveal” video… Although the video features six members only five competed. Jon “Longun” Longly, Ben “Rhino” Kirkup, Don “El Donyo” Gidusko, Jason “Warchief” Gidusko, and me. Ramon “Guererro” Rodriguez decided not […]


So, I was at the Philly Tough Mudder last weekend. Me and a fellow Lords of Coventry team member were being interviewed by a local television crew about our team and the event. We were standing by the bag drop area and I saw a guy that caught my eye. Little did I know that […]

My Birthday Ramblings…

So I am turning 47 years old this year (2013). No big deal for me, really. I don’t mind it that much. I have nothing profound to share about getting older and staying in shape. Frankly, it annoys me when people post quotes like, “Age is merely a number!” and “You are as old as […]

A Shitty Story…

  I should warn you up front; this post has nothing at all to do with training or nutrition. It is not a happy story either. In fact, it might make you feel like crap so you can just stop right here if you like. Just recently some asshole shot and killed a bunch of […]

Meet Fred Ettish.

Meet Fred Ettish. I used to laugh at Fred Ettish. Whenever I would hear his name I would smirk or just wave my hand dismissively. I had no respect for Fred Ettish.You may be reading this saying, “Who the hell is Fred Ettish?”. That is probably a good thing. If you knew the name you […]


Weakness. I’m a Henry Rollins fan. Have been for over 25 years actually. If you are not sure who he is you can Google him if you like, it really doesn’t matter for what I’m about to write. Anyway, I saw him live a bunch of times and even saw him with Black Flag in […]

“Then die.”

“Then die.” This is my favorite Bruce Lee story. It tells of an exchange between Bruce and his senior student Taky Kimura. At the time Bruce was a young man in his early twenties and Taky was in his forties like I am now. I used to tell my students this story years ago when […]

Push It Real Good.

Push it real good. After a full week of being bogged down with work I needed a release so I decided to get out for a run. Today in the northeast the temps were in the high nineties so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Oftentimes I like to just go and not set a […]

Who Are You?

When you get older or middle aged like myself you tend to look back on your life a lot and wonder if it really was a life well lived. Well, at least I do. While reading this morning I came across the words of Bruce Lee who once again mirrored my introspective thoughts exactly. His […]