MustacheMan Meets Maxim Magazine

I love this one. The guys at Maxim were planning on doing the TriState TM and I went to their Manhattan offices and trained them. Dan, the guy with the white hair and hairy chest, was the only guy that actually worked there. The rest were his college buddies. They were all really cool and super funny. We went out and had a few beers afterwards. This is the first time I met Will Dean who turned out to be the nicest guy ever. I must admit, when I did the Hindu Pushup/Wild Turkey shot the scene is cleverly edited so as not to show me nearly choking to death and coughing up a lung.

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  1. Will March 14, 2013 at 3:14 am #

    Great stuff; funny as hell! There needs to be a MustacheMan trainer at every office I’ve worked at.

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