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Want to see a 45-year-old dude who’s a bigger badass than you—even when he’s wearing a day-glo headband? Watch the video above.

After shaving his terrier-like beard into a ’stache Burt Reynolds would envy, the man proceeds to toss freezing water on his head, run down his snowy streets barefoot, then pumps out a serious full-body routine of rope swings, planks on basketballs, and other stuff you won’t see at Planet Fitness.

The video has even inspired a training group in Vermont to call themselves the “Moustache Marauders.”

But who is the man behind the moustache? His name is Andy Thom, and he’s training for this Saturday’s Pennsylvania run of the Tough Mudder—a 10- to 12-mile challenge with obstacles including fire, wall climbs, and a tight rope known as the “ball shrinker.”

We called Thom up and he told us about his training, the ’70s look, and what he has against Seinfeld reruns and protein powder.

Men’s Health: I heard a rumor that some people have started a mustache training group based on you—have you heard of this?

Andy Thom: Yeah. There’s this group in Vermont. They have a Tough Mudder coming up. There’s a group calling themselves the mustache-man brigade and they want my likeness on a T-shirt. It’s amazing what the video has done. It’s really blown me away. It’s struck a nerve with people, and it’s a good thing. I get tons of e-mails saying “you inspired me,” and I really was just looking to tell a funny story about an old guy that can get a workout and grow his stupid mustache. I don’t want to preach or anything like that, but I think too many people when they’re my age, younger or older, they go, “ah well, it’s time for me to relax and settle into the quiet life and sit on my big cushy couch and watch Seinfeld reruns.” And that’s bullshit, man.


MH: What inspired you to start doing hard events like the Tough Mudder?


AT: I guess this is my midlife crisis. Instead of buying a Camaro, I just force myself to push my limits physically. When I turned 40 I thought, “I’m going to do a marathon.” I had to go out and buy a book on how to run a marathon. So I signed up for the Philly one in 2007. When you sign up for a big event like that, you got an end date and you’ve got to get your ass ready because the clock is ticking. It lights a fire in you so it forces you to get ready, at least for me.


MH: So what made you want to do a funny YouTube video?

AT: I don’t know. I just, it wasn’t anything like, “Do I want to show how cool I am and how I can do these things? “ It wasn’t really that. I think it was just my love letter to Tough Mudder. I really enjoy that group of people. It’s like this weird frat that you get into. It’s just a group of people who are different. We like training. That’s all it was. By career, I’m an animation director, storyboard guy. So, I kind of can tell a story visually. And I’ll watch different workout videos online to get inspiration and ideas. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking there could be a story here.

MH: What’s with the mustache? Is shaving your mustache a ritual?


AT: I’m a product of the ’70s. I think it’s the greatest time in existence. If I could have the hair, man, I would get a perm. I just think it looks cool. For people that are younger, you look at it as silly. But it’s not silly to me. I think the music was beautiful. Everybody sees the polyester white suit and the pointing finger, but if you look at that movie, Saturday Night Fever, that’s a heavy drama. But anyways, it’s a nod to the ’70s look. And the tough guy. It looks like Burt Reynolds. It’s definitely macho.

MH: You obviously believe in full-body exercises—what’s your approach when it comes to strength training?


AT: There’s this guy I recently hooked up with. His name is Obe Roundtree. This guy has the most innovative workouts known. It’s insane what he does. He really showed me the importance of core, and it’s not about how many curls you can do. It’s a whole body thing. I’m a big fan of Ross Enamait training. I’ve been following him for years. What I’m doing is nothing really original. I just pick things from these different sources and I spit them back out. (Editor’s note: Curious what Thom is doing? Here’s a similar exercise to his overhead walking lunge you can try: the overhead split squat. Click to watch a video demonstration. Or check out these Ab Exercise Upgrades for a rock-solid core.)

MH: You made a really tasty-looking shake. What’s your typical diet like?

AT: As far as protein, supplements, and over-the-counter things, I don’t take any of those. I used to. But who knows what you’re buying? When I make my shakes, it’s raw hempseed, it’s flaxseed. I know where I’m getting my omegas, the kale, I know where I’m getting my vitamins, the seaweed, I know what that is. When I have a chocolate-flavored powder that turns into a shake, you know, what the hell is that? (Answer from Men’s Health: Depends on your powder, but if it’s whey protein, it’s made from milk. Read our Protein Powder Primer here.)

MH: Any plans to expand mustache man training—T-shirts perhaps? Everyone loves a funny T-shirt.

AT: (Laughs) No, I don’t know. (Laughs). I have a friend who’s a cartoonist. He did some nice artwork for me and I posted it on my blog. As far as T-shirts, I don’t know—it really wasn’t a moneymaking thing.

MH: What does your wife think of the ’stache?

AT: My wife is not a fan of it. Normally I don’t run around with this mustache. It’s turning me into Curly from the Three Stooges—he hated shaving his head.

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