Mustache Man calls Vancouver ‘good mudder country’

By StaffGraham Templeton

Going through a Tough Mudders workout is like giving birth: it starts with excitement and anticipation, leads to horrible pain and heavy breathing, and ultimately culminates in a feeling of supreme accomplishment.

The hardcore workout group came to town Wednesday, putting a number of eager Vancouverites through their paces with Internet celebrity The Mustache Man.

Mustache Man, otherwise known as 46-year-old, New York-based animation director and fitness nut Andy Thom, became the face of Tough Mudders after a home-made training video went viral.

“I just made it as a joke video. I’m not even a real fan of mustaches!” Thom said Wednesday, laughing. “Much to my wife’s dismay, it’s become a big thing.”

Thom had his group of Vancouverites running, jumping, twisting, crawling, climbing, swimming, and carrying across all manner of muddy, rocky, slippery terrain. For Tough Mudders, nature is the world’s best gym.

Asked how he felt mid-workout, one man replied, “I feel… great… oh, oh God…” before doubling over and groaning loudly.

“It’s great,” Thom said from beneath his ‘stache. “It’s a great test of grit, of what you can handle.”

The grizzled guru was impressed with Vancouver as a setting for the Tough Mudders experience.

“Vancouver is perfect mudder country,” he said. “The air’s crisp and clean, the water’s chilly. You’ve got a lot of hockey fans, tough guys, tough girls.”

“It’s the perfect venue, up here in the great white north.”


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