Product Review: CamelBak “All Clear” & “Groove”

For all of you readers that are avid Endurance/Adventure Racers, UltraMarathoners, long distance bikers, or just like to wander off into the woods for hours at a time, please read on. CamelBak has a few products that you may be interested in.
You probably are aware of the endurance team I am a member of called “The Lords of Coventry”.
This February my fellow teammate Jason and I went down to Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua to take on the inaugural Fuego Y Agua Survival Run. It was a 70K obstacle race and one of the requirements was that you needed to carry all of your nutrition and hydration the entire way. Like most UltraMarathons there were aid stations along the way where water was offered but the aid wasn’t guaranteed. If you failed to pass a memorization test involving colors in a set sequence you were denied aid at that particular station. Although we were both equipped with CamelBak packs with 3 liter bladders we couldn’t risk missing out on much needed hydration in the 102F heat index of the Nicaraguan sun.

Enter the CamelBak “All Clear” and “Groove”. First brought to my attention by the brilliant mind of Todd Sedlak, the combination of these two products are all you need on those super long excursions as long as you have access to any type of natural water source.

The All Clear is a self contained water purification device that uses UV technology to wipe out all the microscopic contaminants. On the top of the container there is small LCD screen and a button that activates the built-in ultraviolet light.


Once you hit the button a 60 second timer counts down while you agitate the water and let the UV rays work their magic. After 60 seconds the light shuts off and you are left with clear, drinkable water. The cap is rechargeable and plugs into any available USB port.

 To further filter the water we turn to the Groove. It looks like a typical CamelBak bottle but built into the cap is a plant-based carbon filter straw. The water that is first purified in the All Clear can be poured into the Groove to get rid of any remaining odors, tastes or impurities.
During the Survival Run in Nicaragua Jason and I were fortunate enough to never be penalized at the aid stations and denied water so we didn’t have to rely on the use of these products. BUT, knowing that we had them just in case really took away the stress of any aid penalty we faced. When we weren’t running through the jungles during the Survival Run the All Clear and Groove never left our sides. Every place we stayed and restaurant we ate at we purified the water thoroughly before drinking. You’ve all heard the horror stories of people drinking water in a third world country but we had no worries. Sure, bottled water was available but why waste the money?

Check out the video we made of the All Clear and Groove in action while we were in Nicaragua.

The Groove has now become my constant companion and is even sitting on my desk right next to me as I type this. As long as I have access to tap water I can have clean filtered water at all times.
Jason competed in this year’s Winter Death Race and made it 24 hours with the assistance of the All Clear and Groove and in a few weeks he will competing in the Summer Death Race which in the past has gone 60+ hours, oftentimes with no access to food or water. You can bet he will have the All Clear and Groove close by.

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